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Como Disposal is an experienced and proven provider of high-quality underground oil tank removal services in Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area for more than 40 years.

Based in Mississauga, we offer cost effective and high-quality oil tank removal services that you can trust. Our team of qualified professionals are fully trained and certified to remove your oil tank from start to finish.

Our vast experience and high standards have resulted in hundreds of satisfied and happy customers. We can offer the most competitive underground oil tank removal service rates without sacrificing quality as we do not cut corners. If you are looking for the best oil tank removal company in Ontario then remember Como Disposal, your number one choice for all oil tank removal services.

Call us at (416) 459-2516 or email us at info@comodisposal.com and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.

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Tank Removal Projects Include:

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Remove unused tanks

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Remove abandoned furnace oil tanks

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Remove above ground oil storage tanks

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Remove below ground oil storage tanks

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Remove buried oil tank

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Remove heating oil tank

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Decommissioning an oil tank

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Eco oil tank removal

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Pump-out and disposal of furnace oil

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Remove abandoned oil tanks

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Remove above ground fuel storage tanks

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Remove below ground fuel storage tanks

Tank Removal Frequently Asked Questions

What is an underground oil tank?

An underground oil tank is a buried tank that contains fuel and/or oil to be used in appliances such as furnaces. Oil Tanks located within the basement of a building is not classified as an underground tank, they would be considered above ground tanks. They too often need removing.

How would I know if my underground oil tank is leaking?

Being buried underneath the ground it is very difficult if not impossible to tell if the tank is leaking. In some cases underground tanks have been leaking for years without owners knowing it or seeing any visible signs of leakage. A tell tale sign that you have a leak is if you notice a fast consumption of your fuel, which could be an indicator that it is leaking. There are companies that test underground tanks for leaks. Call your fuel supplier to help you find underground tank testing companies.

What do I do if my underground tank is leaking?

Call a TSSA registered fuel oil contractor, such as Como Disposal, to help you find and stop the leak and clean up any leaked fuel oil. You are also required to call the Spills Action Centre of the Ministry of Environment. Como Disposal can guide you through the whole process.

How do I register my underground tank?

By completing the Underground Fuel Oil Application Form and returning it to TSSA, your tank will be registered. A registration number will be assigned to your tank and you can provide this number to your fuel distributor to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply.

How do I remove my underground tank?

It is required that all underground oil tanks be removed only by TSSA registered fuel oil contractors. When you call a contractor, ask for their TSSA registration number. When an underground tank is removed, the soil around the tank must be assessed for contamination and all contamination cleaned. Como Disposal can provide you with all the services required.

What is the cost of oil tank removal?

The cost of oil tank removal varies depending on whether it is a basement or above ground tank. If you have an oil tank that needs to be taken out, contact us for a low-cost quote at (416) 459-2516 or email us at info@comodisposal.com and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.

By choosing Como Disposal, you are getting an all-around professional service for all your disposal needs including underground oil tank removal. We guarantee the lowest pricing, on-time service and quality customer care.

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