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If you have a big project, like a home remodeling, the most crucial thing to consider is acquiring the correct dumpster for the job. Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, and the size you choose can have a big influence on the cost of your job. Como Disposal is the best and most portable dumpster rental business in Toronto for you if this is your first time hiring a dumpster in Toronto. Below are the services we offer to our customers.

Pickup and delivery on time

On-time delivery and collection are essential even if you need a domestic dumpster service for the house or construction rolling dumpsters for your business in Toronto. As a homeowner, you probably only have time to work on your restoration project on weekends and evenings. Even a minor hiccup in your trash delivery might cause you problems.

After your job is over, you wouldn’t want a big metal box of trash to remain on your property. The best dumpster rental companies will arrive at your place on time to pick up your container. This is also critical for company owners, who want to offer the greatest possible atmosphere for their consumers and clients. We at Como Disposal provide you with such a service.

Variation in the dumpster size

For residential and construction projects, size is important for temporary dumpster rentals in Toronto. You’ll need a large enough dumpster to hold all your trash, debris, and materials for large jobs.

Smaller home projects require the ability to scale down to meet your needs. Depending on where you live, you may have a limited amount of available space. It’s possible that you won’t be able to park oversized trash on your property.

As a result, Como Disposal offers its customers a variety of dumpster sizes. We have 10 – 20 cubic yard bins for modest tasks. We rent 30 & 40 cubic yard dumpsters for larger tasks.

Dumpster Pricing

With loan payments, utilities, homeowners’ insurance, and real estate taxes, you already have a lot on your plate as a homeowner. You don’t have to spend your renovation budget renting an overpriced dumpster.

As a result, understanding how to select a dumpster rental can boil down to locating the most cost-effective solution. Request a quotation from nearby rental agencies. Make certain to include vital information, such as:

  • You’ll need a dumpster that’s the right size for the job.
  • How long do you require it?
  • Wherever you require it to be delivered
  • What are you planning to throw away in the dumpster?

The rental firms may have more inquiries. They should, however, give you a free quote.

We think you should discard your waste, not your money, at Como Disposal with affordable dumpster costs in Toronto. As a result, we provide the finest dumpster rentals inside the area at the most affordable costs.


The greater the distance a dumpster rental business must drive to deliver or pick up the rental, the higher your charges will be. Additionally, it will take longer to repair the problem the more anything goes horribly wrong or communication is lacking. As a result, if you’re searching for just a “dumpster rental around me,” make sure it’s in a handy location. This is also necessary in the case that your intentions are altered.

You’ll need to get it emptied and returned before you can carry on working in this scenario. A dumpster rental provider in a handy location will be able to take up the slack so that you can continue working.

For example, if your dumpster fills up faster than you anticipated. Your project may generate more garbage than you anticipated. This is why we at Como Disposal bring the service to your doorstep.

Positive Feedback from Customers

Reviews speak for themselves when it comes to the top trash rental company. Go online to locate dumpster rental firms if you’re searching for a neighborhood dumpster rental. Then look for client evaluations on their websites & social media platforms.

Check out what prior customers had to say about the service they received. Was the dumpster on time delivered and hauled up? Was the bin rental business helpful and pleasant to work with?

Look up the firm name & “reviews” on Google if you can’t find any on their website. You may also inquire directly with the firm to see if they can supply references. Como Disposal is always ready to take feedback from clients to enhance their services.

Customer service & communication skills of the highest caliber

When you’re working on a big project at home or work, you want to deal with contractors and firms who make your life simpler, not harder. As a result, when hiring a dumpster, choose a firm that prioritizes customer service. Their main objective should be to ensure you are happy with their services.

This involves being able to communicate effectively. They must collaborate with you to ensure that your needs are met, your queries are answered, and your delivery and pick-up go well.

It’s also crucial to have a quick response time. If you can’t reach them immediately, they should contact you as soon as possible. Como Disposal gives you the best client service with excellent interactions.

Environmental stewardship

Finally, the greatest dumpster rental firms are those who are concerned about garbage management. Oil, gasoline, battery packs, pesticides, certain appliances, and other hazardous goods cannot be disposed of with ordinary garbage. The rental business should provide a list of forbidden goods.

Furthermore, the dumpster rental firm should implement waste-reduction measures. We know, for example, that the United States produces about 300 million tons of garbage each year based on our study.

To help safeguard the environment, Como Disposal recycles as much of the garbage we dispose of as feasible. You may hire us to dispose of your garbage with confidence and guilt-free.

Final Thoughts

Como Disposal is the trash rental business you can trust for excellent service and top-notch dumpsters. We have a range of dumpster sizes available, namely 50, 40, 13, 15, and 10 cubic yards. Our customer service professionals are incredibly experienced and will assist you in identifying which dumpster is the best fit for your needs.

We can provide you with services like renting a dumpster for a day, an oil tank removal service in Toronto, Ontario, or getting a temporary dumpster in Toronto as we operate six days per week within a targeted service area, letting us work with your schedule rather than ours.

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