What Is A Disposal Bin, Its Types, and How Do You Use It?

Disposal Bins are used for waste disposal, recycling, and getting rid of the junk that is no longer needed. Roll-off dumpsters may store up to 50 cubic yards, while front-load rubbish disposal bins can hold as little as 2 cubic yards. They can remove almost any type of debris, including mixed materials, making it simple to clean out your home, office, or industrial structure. 

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What Are The Types Of Disposal Bins?

You should be aware of three different types of disposal bins. Front-loading commercial bins, temporary residential bins, and open-top steel disposal bins.

Front-loading Commercial Disposal bin: These are dumpsters permanently placed outside of companies and have lockable lids. They are emptied by lifting and emptying garbage onto a truck, and then the business can reload them.

Temporary Residential Disposal bin: This is a steel container used to store garbage, waste, trash, and unwanted household items. These are transported by a roll-off truck, and when the bin is dropped off or picked up, there are no damages.

Open-top Steel Disposal bin: These are roll-off dumpsters typically larger than those used for household waste disposal. There is usually a back entrance and ladders to climb to gain entry from the top.

There are ways to use your Rental disposal bins. A few are listed down.

  • Store

When disposal bins aren’t being used for waste, they can also be used as storage containers. Bins can hold a wide range of objects, from old furniture to books and gardening materials. Choose a disposal bin that is large enough to accommodate your storage and disposal needs, and you’ll have a bin that can also serve as a storage shed.

  • Cleaning Construction Sites

If you’re doing a home repair, remodel, or adding on to your home, you’ve probably employed your disposal bin to get rid of all the construction material. You can also utilize your container to keep any waste that accumulates between your regular waste disposal dates. This will keep your work site tidy and orderly, as well as prevent debris from gathering.

  • Cleaning- Spring & House

This is the explanation if you have neighbours who rented a garbage container, but you’re not sure why because they didn’t have any work going on. Many families will rent a junk bin just for the purpose of decluttering or spring cleaning. Everything from fences and lawnmowers to sofas and refrigerators can be disposed of in a disposal container. This is your chance to lose all the goods you’ve been meaning to get rid of for a long time.

To make the most of your disposal bin rental, go through your stuff and select what should be saved, thrown away, or donated. This will assist you in making the most of your junk bin by allowing you to fill it up.

  • Recycling Support

If your recycling can is constantly overflowing, renting a disposal bin could be a suitable answer. Depending on when your Etobicoke/Mississauga/Burlington recycling is collected, you may discover carefully sorted recyclables littering your lawn. Your disposal bin rental is a terrific place to store everything, whether it’s paper, plastic, or cardboard.

  • Party & Large Occasions

Are you planning a get-together? A disposal bin is an excellent spot to get rid of waste whether you’re organizing a reunion, benefit concert, or any other major gathering. Items such as used plates, napkins, catering bins, and linen can all be thrown away in your disposal bin rental. It’s a cost-effective solution for you to focus on your event while your rentals take care of the trash.

The above mentioned were the ways you use your disposal bin. However, to optimize your rent here is a tip from Como Disposal!



Tip To Optimum Disposal Bin Usage


Make sure to tell us what types of items you’ll be disposing of when you contact us to discuss your project. We can tell you what materials are prohibited and which ones should be kept separate from the others. If you have a lot of specialized materials to dispose of, such as concrete or drywall, you may wish to rent a bin specifically for those products.

What Do We Do?


Como Disposal offers affordable disposal bin rentals in the western part of Greater Toronto, encompassing Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and the surrounding area. We provide dumpster bins in a range of sizes to fulfill any project’s demands, big or small. We accept many types of materials, even those that your local rubbish collection service has refused.

We promise to give you a competitive price, on-time delivery & pickup, and exceptional customer service. Or contact us if you’re not sure what size disposal bin you’ll need or if you have any other inquiries. We can assist you if you require a disposal bin for a commercial or home project. We have various bin sizes and types to choose from, all of which could be ideal for your needs. We are always willing to assist you.

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